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I’ve been a bad blogger, very neglectful.  However, with some much family stuff happening I’ve had a hard time finding a few energized minutes to blog (I seriously hope that makes sense).

On September 24th my Dad found my Grandmother on the floor of her condo. She was rushed to the hospital and we spent the next 3 weeks sitting by her bed, hoping she’d pull through.  We knew she had cancer again, but this time we didn’t know where in her body.  We finally found out that she has pancreatic cancer.  The news was hard to hear.  She’d have less than a year left.  Eventually she was moved from the hospital to Palliative Care.

This past Monday it was decided that she would have a stint put in her bowels.  She had decided that that’s what she wanted.  Her jaundice is severe and has started to show up in her eyes as well.  She’s not hungry, very itchy and in a lot of pain.  Although the stint wouldn’t cure anything, there was a chance that it would help with the jaundice and maybe her appetite as well.  Mom and I waited at the hospital for her to arrive.  After she was settled we left while the procedure was being preformed.  We weren’t ready for what we’d be coming back to.

In order to put the stint into her bowels, they’d have to blow air in to open things up.  According to the surgeon, when they did that her tumor started to break apart and spread.  Her cancer is far more advanced than the originally thought.  Her bowel is leaking air. They couldn’t put the stint in.  Within days her bowel will burst.  She won’t die from the cancer, she’ll die from the infections and complications.

My Grandmother has survived both Breast Cancer and Colon Cancer. She’s 88 yrs old and she’s the only grandparent I have left.  Although I’m grateful for the time we’ve had together over the last 2 months, I’m not ready for her to go.  However, it’s her time.  It’s time for her to be in a peaceful place without pain.


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OMG! I own so much junk! Seriously!  As my mind shifts towards saving, moving and travel I’ve been walking through my apartment accessing what I really need. I cannot believe the amount of money I’ve wasted on stuff that I clearly do not need!  Oh, I know, we all have things we don’t really need, but I’m a pack rat. I have too many of the things I don’t need.

SpunkyGirl’s Clutter Register

  • Empty notebooks – 7
  • Half used notebooks- 14
  • Lip balm- 10
  • Shampoo- 5
  • Conditioner-4
  • Candles- 80
  • Magazines- 30

You get the idea.  I seriously do not need more than 1 of these items at a time. But I still have a ton of them. This doesn’t even count the useless bits of scrap paper I have laying around in closets, drawers etc.  I think now is a great time to start downsizing my life.  If I haven’t used it in over 6 months, do I really need it?

I have blankets that haven’t really been used and probably will never be used.  Why hang on to them when I could give them to charity? I’ve been spontaneous all my life, but I think it’s time to do more planning and saving.  My impromptu trips are a lot of fun, but I pay for it after I get home.  I think it’s time to stop. It’s time to have some clarity and get my shit together.  If I start now, I can be clutter free by the time I move, and hopefully I can stay that way.

I refuse to be lured by yummy sales that have pretty items.  Maybe I need to carry some travel photos with me at all times as a reminder of my goals in the next year!

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A slight change

Ok, I wasn’t sure about the whole grass theme that was going on. So, as you can see I’ve changed the theme of my blog. What do you think? Is it better or worse?

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Dear Sick People

Dear Sick People;

If you woke up this morning feeling a little under the weather, you should have stayed home.  If you think coming into work with a sore throat or a slight cough makes you a hero. It doesn’t. It makes you the villain.

I personally do not want your germs.  I know, we’re friends when you’re healthy, so why not right now?  Well, this morning I woke up with a sore throat and a heaviness in my chest.  I’m 6 days away from a much deserved 3 day holiday in Vancouver. I have been working myself day and night to get things done. I refuse to be sick because you’re an inconsiderate ass and came to work, sick.

Thanks to you I’m spending my day off sucking on Halls, drinking obscene amounts of Cranberry juice and soup (not together) and taking small naps.  I was originally going to enjoy the weather, drive to the mountains and take some photographs. I am annoyed and angry with you.  I, unlike you, will call in sick tomorrow if my symptoms gets worse- despite the mountains of work I have to get done.

The next time you get sick, please, stay home.  Take a sick day, sit back and relax.  Don’t be a hero.  Be selfish and keep your germs to yourself. IF you can do that, then maybe we can be friends again, but if you continue to come to work sick, I will continue to loathe you.


A NOT impressed co-worker

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The Twitterverse

When I first heard of Twitter I thought it was a bit narcissistic.  I mean, come on.  There were updates like “I’m brushing my teeth” etc.  In fact I know several people who still make fun of the whole idea of Twitter, but not me.  I’ve seen the light and more lthe value of Twitter.

My personal interests are vast, from photography to travel to history and art.  My business interests are books, books and more books.  I work for a large bookstore chain in Canada and my current position is managing the kids/teen sections.  This means I do a lot of reading and I’m constantly looking for new information and new ways to connect with my customers.  Twitter is helping me do this.

I’ve started following various children and teen authors, as well as the various publishers we carry in our store.  It’s a fantastic way to stay informed.

Here are some of my favourite authors on Twitter:

@libbabray, @scottwesterfeld, @cassieclare, @ellenhopkinsya, @eric_carle, @neilhimself


@puffinbooks, @scholastic, @raincoastbooks, @simonschuster, @randomhouseca

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