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Not the same dumpster, but you get the picture.

Normally my Mondays are pleasant, filled with Blog Crawls and light chores.  Actually major of the day so far has been doing exactly that. Monday is often my last day off before work, so it’s also laundry day. Now I live on the top floor (4th) of a building with no elevator, so multi-tasking is key. I hate making unnecessary trips up and down the stairs. Yes, I am in fact THAT lazy.  Anyhow!  As per usual I put my wash in and came back upstairs to do my Blog Crawl for an hour before having to go back to the basement to switch everything over to the dryer.  Before heading down I decided to fill the sink with hot soapy water, then grabbed my garbage, change and keys and off I went. As I went outside to throw my garbage in the dumpster I thought my keys were firmly looped around my finger and tossed the bag inside only to discover my keys were NOT firmly around my finger and they quickly followed after making a clanking sound on the bottom of the dumpster. This is what ensued…

“Oh Shit!” I peeked into the dumpster to verify. Yup, there were my keys on their bright yellow lanyard at the bottom of the dirty, smelly dumpster. Now I’ve never considered myself a short person, I stand 5′ 6″ and that’s always been sufficient for me. However I was acutely aware of my height as I stood on my tip toes to look inside said dumpster and my chin barely made it over the edge. “I am so NOT dumspter diving, this is seriously gross”. I desperately looked around to find anything I could use to try and fish my keys out.  I couldn’t get anything from my car as those keys were attached to my apartment keys lying underneath bags of yucky, smelly garbage.  I did find a couple of 2×4’s nearby and used them to prop the lid open while I looked around for a long stick; secretly hoping people weren’t standing in their windows across the street laughing at me.

After pushing garbage around the bottom of the dumpster for like 5 mins (luckily it wasn’t full!) I finally cleared my keys so I could try and fish them out.  However I quickly discovered that moving the garbage bags around was easier than looping my Old Navy lanyard around the stick I found. That’s when I started chanting “Please, please, pleeeeaaaasssseeeeee” and wishing one of the regular homeless guys would stroll by with their shopping carts as I was willing to offer $5 or all my empty bottles if they dove for me keys for me!  After what seemed like an eternity, with my nose burning from the smell of garbage sitting in the warm sun I finally looped the lanyard around the stick.  It then took 3 tries to slow slide the stick up the side of the dumpster so I could reach my keys.  To say they were dirty is an understatement.

I held them out, barely between my fingers with a sour look on my face.  My original purpose for coming downstairs was to switch my newly washed, clean clothes from the washer to the dryer and now my hands were grimy, dirty and smelly.  I immediately washed my hands when I got to the laundry room using Tide as it was all I had.  Hey, ANY kind of soap was a blessing at that point. When I got back to my apartment I quickly washed the dishes in my sink and relished in the scalding hot water before dropping my keys in.  Yes, my keys are soaking in soapy water, make fun of me all you want! haha

Ok, I need to go shower AGAIN!


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Dear Mr. Spider;

I assume your male, as I don’t think a female spider would be this mean nor do I think she would be a stealth as you were.  You showed up in the middle of the night and started snacking on my leg.  Forgive me fo saying this, but in the spirit of Stephanie Tanner from Full House- “How rude!”. The least you could have done was show your face, so I know what you look like.  Instead I awoke in the middle of the night in a great deal of pain and wanting to itch my leg with as much force as possible.

Mr. Spider, I know it’s winter. It’s so very cold outside and you’re obviously hungry- but please stop and think before you snack.  Thanks to you my leg is now infected. What was once a hot, itchy,hard, red welt the size of a quarter is now the size of a baseball.  Thanks to you I had to go the the Foothills Hospital and be seen by several nurses and a doctor.  Thanks to you I have to take the next 3 days off work and pump my body full of medication every 6 hours.

I know what you’re asking yourself, “Is she actually angry with me?” Yes, I am!  Every nerve below my knee on my right leg is now ultra sensitive.  I can feel every fibre that touches me and the pain is incredibly unique.  There are moments in my day when I would gladly volunteer for amputation. At the moment I’m taking medication orally- I hate taking pills- but if this infection spreads I’ll have to return to the hospital for IV treatment.  Do you have any idea how much parking costs at the hospital? I’d have to take out a loan to pay for all the parking charges I’d incur.

In closing Mr. Spider I’d like to take this opportunity to inform you that you are henceforth banned from my apartment.  You are not to enter this premises without my my approval. If you chose to ignore this ban notice I will be forced to take lethal action against you.  I am not a violent person normally, however I’ll make an exception in your case.  Consider yourself warned Mr. Spider.  Re-entry into this apartment will result in the extermination of your life!


A seriously drugged and grumpy girl.

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You may be wondering, “Who are the lost generation”? Well, in this post, the lost generation is our senior citizens.  I spent the last 4 days in Lethbirdge with my parents as my Grandmother passed away this past Wednesday.

My parents live in a senior’s park, there are roughly 250 houses in the park and only adults ages 45 and up are admitted.  Part of the park rules is that all residents must pay a fee of $420/ mth.  This fee is suppose to cover property tax, lawn mowing and snow removal services.  Yesterday, Lethbridge had a record snowfall. 61 cm (24 inches) in a 24hr period.  With heavy gusts of wind, the snow drifted, creating snowbanks up to 48 inches high.  People were snowed in their houses, and their cars trapped in their garages or driveways.

I was furious this morning to find my 74yr old Father outside trying to shovel his driveway so he could get the cars out.  The snow was heavy and the temperature was -20 with the windchill. Although the park had plowed the road, they never bothered to plow the driveways.  Their raking in roughly $126,000/yr in fees- one of which includes snow removal- and they’re using 1 small bobcat to plow snow.  There are several seniors trapped in their homes, with no family close by and no means to shovel their own snow.  The parks response was that they hoped to work on the driveways by Tuesday.  That means these poor people will be trapped inside their homes for 3 days, unless their neighbors help dig them out.

Why is it that seniors are always the last ones?  They’ve lived full lives.  They’ve fought for this county and for our freedom.  They’ve been our teachers, civil servants and more.  They’re grandparents, parents, unlces, aunts, brothers, or sisters. Why is it that when they retire, we forget them?  There is a shortage or long term care beds available to this countries seniors.  There is a lack in health benefits.

Are you sitting at home, wondering what you could do something different this Christmas, make a difference somehow.  You can.  Take a few minutes of your time and help your neighbors.  If there are seniors in your neighborhood, shovel their walkway or their driveway, offer to help them if they’re not able to do it themselves.   Go to a seniors home and visit.  There are so many seniors in homes with no family, who feel lost and forgotten.  Let them know that they are not lost.  They are not forgotten. They matter!

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OMG! I own so much junk! Seriously!  As my mind shifts towards saving, moving and travel I’ve been walking through my apartment accessing what I really need. I cannot believe the amount of money I’ve wasted on stuff that I clearly do not need!  Oh, I know, we all have things we don’t really need, but I’m a pack rat. I have too many of the things I don’t need.

SpunkyGirl’s Clutter Register

  • Empty notebooks – 7
  • Half used notebooks- 14
  • Lip balm- 10
  • Shampoo- 5
  • Conditioner-4
  • Candles- 80
  • Magazines- 30

You get the idea.  I seriously do not need more than 1 of these items at a time. But I still have a ton of them. This doesn’t even count the useless bits of scrap paper I have laying around in closets, drawers etc.  I think now is a great time to start downsizing my life.  If I haven’t used it in over 6 months, do I really need it?

I have blankets that haven’t really been used and probably will never be used.  Why hang on to them when I could give them to charity? I’ve been spontaneous all my life, but I think it’s time to do more planning and saving.  My impromptu trips are a lot of fun, but I pay for it after I get home.  I think it’s time to stop. It’s time to have some clarity and get my shit together.  If I start now, I can be clutter free by the time I move, and hopefully I can stay that way.

I refuse to be lured by yummy sales that have pretty items.  Maybe I need to carry some travel photos with me at all times as a reminder of my goals in the next year!

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Dear Sick People

Dear Sick People;

If you woke up this morning feeling a little under the weather, you should have stayed home.  If you think coming into work with a sore throat or a slight cough makes you a hero. It doesn’t. It makes you the villain.

I personally do not want your germs.  I know, we’re friends when you’re healthy, so why not right now?  Well, this morning I woke up with a sore throat and a heaviness in my chest.  I’m 6 days away from a much deserved 3 day holiday in Vancouver. I have been working myself day and night to get things done. I refuse to be sick because you’re an inconsiderate ass and came to work, sick.

Thanks to you I’m spending my day off sucking on Halls, drinking obscene amounts of Cranberry juice and soup (not together) and taking small naps.  I was originally going to enjoy the weather, drive to the mountains and take some photographs. I am annoyed and angry with you.  I, unlike you, will call in sick tomorrow if my symptoms gets worse- despite the mountains of work I have to get done.

The next time you get sick, please, stay home.  Take a sick day, sit back and relax.  Don’t be a hero.  Be selfish and keep your germs to yourself. IF you can do that, then maybe we can be friends again, but if you continue to come to work sick, I will continue to loathe you.


A NOT impressed co-worker

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There is nothing I hate more than being sick.  That was yesterday.  Today I’m dealing with itchy red bumps.  It started with one on my left cheek and now I have half a dozen on the left side of my body. Including 2 on my neck, a couple on my arm and one nasty one on the palm of my hand.

I have seriously pissed off Karma.  There is no way all this happens to one person in the space of a month.  Are you curious as to what I’m referring to?  Well here’s the low down…

Sept 24th my Grandmother was rushed to the hospital when my Dad found her on the floor of her condo and obviously not coherent.  I rushed down from Calgary and for the next 8 days my Mom spent upwards of 12hrs a day by her bedside.  She was in the hospital for 3 weeks and everyday became so important. Was she eating, was she drinking, is she coherent, what’s her blood sugar?  These were normal questions for us. While she was in the hospital she was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.  She’s survive both colon and breast cancer, but this one will be fatal.  She’s too weak.  I had to go back to work on Oct 14th, which was a hard thing to do.

On the 15th I woke up to find I had a flat tire. Seriously.  I wanted to scream. I called everywhere and they were all full.  I was running out of time and needed to get to work, so I spent $25 on a cab ride.  The next morning I woke up to not one, but 2 flat tires!  So, I finally called AMA and joined.  They sent out a tech, who filled my tires with air and I was off to Costco to get them repaired.  Do you know it took me a week of confusing conversations and misinformation before I had new tires installed this past Wednesday?

So, yeah I was happy.  Car problems over.  Grandma out of the hospital and in palliative care.  Then yesterday I wake up to a big red bump the size of a quarter on my face!

Is this the whole 3 things happen at once? I really hope so.  I don’t think I can handle any more “surprises”.

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Death to Procrastinators!

Why is it that as soon as a little snow falls EVERYONE rushes to buy their winter tires? You know winter is coming, why can you not be prepared?  Normally this wouldn’t bother me.  But Wednesday morning I work up to a flat tire.  I was desperate to get to work and unable to find a shop to take me.  In fact I was given waiting times anywhere between 1 week and 1 month.  After spending more than $25 in cab fare I woke up Thursday morning to 2 flat tires.

I rushed to get AMA to come help me with my flats, so I could make a run to Costco to have them repaired.  That’s when things became even more frustrating. After leaving my car there I found out my tires need replacing.  All 4 tires! Even better, they were sold out and wouldn’t receive more for a couple days.  After some telephone tag I was given a few straight answers and ask to bring my car back at 7am to have them measure the tread.  However, when I arrived, I was asked for a number and told they were too busy.

So basically I’m suppose to go to Costco at 5am to get a number. They start working on the cars at 7am and it would be done sometime that day. However, once the numbers are gone, that’s all, no more.  I have never been so pissed off in my life.  I don’t have good summer tires and just need some winter ones.  I have flat tires and need new tires period.  So why am I suffering still? You’d think having no tires would be more of a priority over just wanting a seasonal change.

People, when October 1st arrives, get your damn tires.  Don’t wait until it snows to get them.  There are people who need to have running vehicles to get them to work each day and making them suffer for your procrastination is beyond ridiculous.

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