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2 days after my arrival in Beijing I took a trip to the Great Wall of China at Mutanyu, where I purchased some wonderful dried fruits and yummy nuts from this sweet man.  One of my purchases was brazil nuts- I have no clue what they’re called in China.  When I buy them here in Canada they’re good, but there’s always bad ones in the mix.  The nuts I bought from this man were amazing.  They were fresh and oh so yummy.  I became obsessed.

I looked everywhere for these nuts.  I walked into every shop I saw, looking for brazil nuts and having no clue how to describe them.  In Xi’an I asked a local girl from the hostel I was staying at, she had no clue what I was talking about.  I spent the remainder of my trip looking for these yummy nuts and wishing I had bought more of them from the sweet old man.

Fast forward about 3 weeks. I’m sitting at home in Canada, looking through my photos of my trip to China.  I come across a photo of a huge mound of dried kiwi.  I remember taking this photo in the Islamic Quarter of Xi’an because the colour was so vivid.

Do you see what I saw then?  Right above the Kiwi are bags and bags of you guessed it… Brazil Nuts!  Oh, the cursing I did when I saw those nuts there.  I was so caught up in the colour of the kiwi fruit that I was too blind to see what I had been looking for all along!

Needless to say, when I return to China later this year I’ll be making my way to the Islamic Quarter in Xi’an to buy a whole bunch of Brazil Nuts.


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