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Driving east on 9th Ave, past Fort Calgary, you’ll come to an old steel bridge with the word Inglewood overhead. Crossing the bridge is like leaving the big bad city and driving into small town Canada. It’s weird and cool all at once. Inglewood is said to be THE new hip neighbourhood in Calgary. I’ve visited Inglewood a few times now and as with all neighbourhoods (or small towns) a few places stand out each and every time.  One of those places is Spolombo’s.

Spolombo‘s is an authentic Italian Deli founded by 3 former CFL players (and childhood friends) Tom Spoletini, Mike Palumbo and Tony Spolentini. Spolombo’s is famous for their handmade sausages (which are a favourite during BBQ season).  In fact I have friends who drive out to Inglewood just to buy Spolombo sausage.  Although their sausages are good, I prefer their panini sandwiches.

Spolombo’s isn’t the only attraction in Inglewood. They also have several funky shops, and a Harley Davidson shop which is quite popular in the summer time. If you’re in Calgary at the beginning of August you won’t want to miss Inglewood Sunfest.

Inglewood Sunfest is a New Renaissance Arts Fair, and will be held on Saturday, August 1st from 11am – 5pm. Stroll 9th Avenue SE and check out the unique shops, yummy restaurants, and pubs. If shopping and eating is not your thing, check out the Art Bazaar filled with local Calgary artists, or watch one of the street performers. It’s one big street party, with bands playing on both ends of the avenue.

Munch on some grub at the Food Fair (located on the corner of 9th Avenue and 12 Street SE) and sit to watch the Fringe performers take the stage as they give you a sneak peek at their shows. Then go grab tickets to the theatrical performances you like to see at the Fringe Information Booth.

Whether you’re hungry, or looking for some funky shops to spend your money, Inglewood has a lot to offer. Personally, as a photography lover, I love to drive through the back streets to see what I can capture through the lens of my Nikon D60.


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I’m 5 months away from leaving my life behind in Canada and traveling the world. This means I’m staying home more and resisting the urge to take mini trips when those tempting-crazy-cheap sales pop up.  As I’m currently living in Calgary I thought it would be interesting to breath a little life into the city, hence this new series of articles, The Calgary Verve.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for sudden cravings or homesickness. If you’ve been to Peters’ and currently far from home, stop! DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER! Thank-you.

Peters’ Drive-In

Peters' Drive-In

I was sitting at home this afternoon craving a float and creeping on Twitter when @nomadicchick suggested I go to Peters’ Drive-In. Peters’ Drive-In is a Calgary institution located on 16th Ave (Trans Canada HWY 1) near 1st St NE. . In business since 1962, their prices have changed a little but their menu has not.  What’s on menu? Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Fries, Onion Rings, Floats and more than 4,000 possible milkshake combinations!

One of the things I love about Peters’ is that it’s mostly windows, which means you can see everything happening inside. Unlike some drive-ins from the 50’s and 60’s (A&W’s) that are still around, Peters’ is still very much the same as it was all those years ago. In fact Peters’ use to be a favourite stop for my parents when they were younger.

My original plan was to drive over to Peters’, buy a hamburger, onion rings and a float using some change I had laying around my apartment as well as my credit card. I know, you can’t get more pathetic than that. However when I arrived at Peters’ I was reminded of one thing that has been the same since the day they opened- cash only! Eek! My plan was foiled. I quickly sat down and counted my change, looked at the menu on the window and decided what I was going to order while the guy inside chuckled at me.

Cheeseburger & Onion Rings

Eating at Peters’ in not cheap. I was more hungry than thirsty so I opted for a cheeseburger and onion rings which cost me $7.60. But the food is worth it. The service at Peters’ is out of this world. The staff are friendly, patient and FAST. I think it was all of 60 seconds between placing my order and receiving my order.

Although my original plan was to order a float don’t worry, I still figured out a way to have a yummy A&W float with my dinner.  How? I drove to 7-11, bought a large ice cream sandwich and a small bottle of A&W Rootbeer. When I got home I pried off the cookie part of the ice cream sandwich, dropped the ice cream into a mug and poured the Rootbeer over top. MMmm

Stay tuned for the next The Calgary Verve: Crave…

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Inglewood- Calgary, Alberta

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