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It’s another week and you guessed it, another Blog Crawl! As I’ve mentioned before, I love my blog crawls. I always find great new blogs and content. Blog Crawls work like this… I start on a blog and read a post or two, often “stumbling” the ones I like. Then I look for their links page, select  a new blog and do the same thing over again.  Generally I crawl through 8-12 blogs each week. When my crawl is over I post a list (like this one) and add the blog links to my “Travel Links” page, under the Blog Crawl heading.

So now that the boring little details have been laid out for you, allow me to share with you where my Blog Crawl took me this week. I started my crawl with Velvet Escape. I love this blog, if you have a little time to kill grab and beer, sit down and have a read.

  1. Velvet Escape–  I read his post “A Walk Down Oxford Road, Manchester” and instantly wanted to go there. Which is a surprise as after my last trip to London I vowed to leave the UK off my travel itinerary for a little while.
  2. Wild Junket– How did I not know about this blog before? Seriously! 10 Unique Transport Modes Around the World was a fun read. I’m rather curious about the Bamboo train in Cambodia…
  3. The Travel Tart– I love reading this blog, it’s full of humor and oddities. His post, Bizarre Travel Photo- Best Menu Picture is great. There is nothing like homemade menus with hand-drawn pictures. It’s the simplicity of travel that I love.
  4. Old World Wandering– Currently traveling in India, my post choice was “Hyderabad, slash Cyberabad”.
  5. Border Jumpers– Read their post “1000 Words about Johannesburg”.
  6. Twenty-Something Travel– She’s becoming a legend and rightly so.  I really love her Friday Postcard series. The photographs are always amazing.

Blog Crawl Monday is always the highlight of my week. Sometimes I crawl a little longer than others, but either way I discover new content and new blogs to follow.


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