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Dear Readers;

Word has it that my new website design will be going LIVE sometime tomorrow (Easter Monday). As this is my first time switching designs and web hosts, I’m not sure what to expect. It is for this reason that I’m skipping Blog Crawl Monday this week. Don’t worry, it’ll be back next week!

That being said there are a few exciting things happening when the new design goes live. I’ll be posting an interview with Julia Dimon, a socially conscious travel writer, author of Travel Junkie Julia and host of Word Travels (with Robin Esrock) on OLN. I’ll also be re-vamping my links list, and prepping my niece’s page.

If you would like to see a link back to your blog or site, please leave a comment or email me at pamlovestravel (at) yahoo (dot) ca. If you’d like a specific blurb (or a small 60×60 personal photo) to appear with your link, please include that as well.

I apologize for delaying Blog Crawl Monday again, but I promise to post an even bigger one next week to make up for it!

Thank you for your patience!



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Ch Ch Changes…

If you’re a regular reader of this blog (this is where you nod your head, yes) you may have read my itinerary post way back in January where I laid out a list of countries in Asia I plan to visit on my upcoming RTW trip. Although Asia is still in my plans, I have made a few changes in recent weeks. As I prepare for my trip different factors have come into play, money being one and my Dad’s upcoming 75th birthday being the other. I hate the idea of being half way around the world on his birthday and thoughts of flying home for the weekend to surprise him were squashed when I looked at the price of flights. So, I’ve come up with a compromise, Central & South Americas.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. Living in Canada makes Central and South America very accessible and getting there is cheap! Flying from Calgary to Bangkok will cost $1,600-$2,200 however I can take a bus down to Mexico for $270, travel throughout Central & South Americas, take a bus home to surprise my Dad for his birthday and then fly from L.A. to New Zealand and on to Asia. It’s the perfect plan- okay maybe it’s not “perfect”, but it is better.

So here is my new itinerary…

After arriving in Morelia, MX by bus, I’ll be spending about a month traveling through southern Mexico before moving on to Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama (I’m not sure about Belize). I’ll then fly to Bogota, Colombia and travel through Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil before making my way towards LA to catch a flight to New Zealand.

Depending on my funds at the time, I may spend up to 6 months working and traveling through New Zealand before flying to Asia where my original itinerary still stands. This is an open-ended RTW trip and to date I have roughly 30 countries on my list of places to go. I’ll be spending a lot of time in some countries and only a few weeks in others. But either way I’m going to be embarking on an amazing adventure. Is it August yet?

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Flamingo in Cayo Coco, Cuba

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