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It’s another week, and another Blog Crawl. I love Mondays. I hope my readers love Mondays as well. This week I decided to start my crawl on a blog I’ve been reading and watching for a while, Hop and Jaunt. If you’ve never visited Alyson and John’s blog, you definitely should. They’ve recently re-designed their theme and their new header is killer. However design changes aside, they also have some great posts about their travels around the world. One of my recent favourites is: Getting Lost In the Forbidden City. If you’re thinking of traveling with your significant other or have already started you should definitely read their post: Traveling Couples: Are We Insane? The Travel Guide.

Traveling Savage– Keith’s blog is fantastic. I especially love his post: The Drink Taxonomy of Guys. I almost choked on the water I was drinking when I started reading this post. I know he wrote it in humour, but oh, there is some truth in there!

Bacon is Magic– I love bacon, it’s so bad for you, but tastes so damn good. PLUS she’s a fellow Canadian who will be embarking on a RTW trip later this year. Be sure to check out her blog and read a long as she prepares for her trip through Central and South Americas.

One Giant Step… Is All it Takes– Follow Gillian and Jason’s travels around the world. I clicked on this blog because I liked the name. I then discovered that they were traveling through South East Asia. haha. Their post Halong Bay has been longing for a beach and some warm weather!

A Year In Motion – An Irish-Honduran Duo traveling around the world. Now there’s an interesting combo! Be sure to tune in and follow Ninfa and Tony as they start traveling. They’ve been on the road for 2 whole days now and I’m anxious to check back and read their first on the road post.


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My apologies for not posting Blog Crawl Monday last week. There are weeks when work becomes so involved, that blogging suffers a little. However I’m back this week!

When I first started my blog crawling, I would crawl most of the day and list around 10 sites. However as the weeks have progressed I’ve discovered that the world of travel blogging is a very small one, and finding/stumbling new content is more challenging. For this reason I’ve decided to cut down the number of blogs I stumble to 5.

This week I decided to started with She’s In Love With the World – I’ve followed this blog for a little while now and thoroughly enjoy reading it. Be sure to follow Sarah and her friend Andrea as they travel through Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe!

Fox Nomad – We’ve heard about working smarter, not harder. FoXnoMad is geared towards traveling smarter and who doesn’t want to travel smarter? If you have a few minutes take some time to read “Are Poor Places Any More Real Than Rich Ones?” (Also, he has a wonderfully long links page and totally saved this weeks Blog Crawl!! haha )

Runaway Jane–  Jane is a fellow #rtwsoon traveler and therefore a kindred spirit. She has a wonderful eye for photography and I love the idea of posting pages from her sketchbook. I really enjoyed her post- “My Top Travel Films”.

New Adventures in Backpacking– A great blog with recent posts on travel in Asia. I like the idea of posts on the actual costs of travel in various cities/countires. There’s a lot of great content on this blog, so be sure to set aside some time on a comfy chair.

Gap Year Escape– I love Amar’s blog. He’s another traveler pursuing sustainable travel. His videos are entertaining and his posts are even better! I was so excited when I managed to crawl to this blog today. Truth be told, I had stumbled on it a month (or more) ago and liked what I read, but soon forgot the name!! Sorry Amar! However it’s firmly embedded in my brain and soon to be on my Links page as well. haha

**I know, there is a sudden theme to the blogs I’m crawling- I swear its not on purpose! If you have a blog you’d like to have included on a Blog Crawl, comment below with a link.

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Another week, and another great Blog Crawl through the world wide web.  Shortly after waking up this morning I read a wonderful post about Paris on “My Melange“.  Robin has a wonderful way with words and reading her favourite memories of Paris brought back some of my own. Thanks to Robin I have a serious craving for light-flaky-deliciously-doughy-croissants!

In traditional Blog Crawl fashion I searched Robin’s website for a links page, but I was unable to find one.  What I did find was her Travel Photo Friday: Thai Punk post. An amazing photo submitted by blogger and photographer Barbara Weibel of Hole in The Donut Travels. Barbara has some wonderful posts, I really enjoyed her post on Mazatlan, Mexico.

  • A Wandering Sole– Laura’s spending the next 8 months traveling around the world, running, volunteering and having crazy fun times. I read her packing post last night and I was amazed at the detail! This girl knows how to pack!
  • Ottsworld– A great travel blog with amazing photography!
  • Nomadic Matt– Now I KNOW you’re aware of this blog and I was bound to crawl through it sooner or later! I think one of the things I like about Matt’s blog is the non-BS side of travel. He’s written some wonderful posts on hostels, events and even has an e-book about being a successful travel blogger. If you’re planning on traveling to New Zealand (I am) sometime soon be sure to read his post about “Budgeting in New Zealand“.
  • Two Go Round The World– Fellow Canadians who are planning, preparing and packing for their RTW trip in 2011.
  • Crossing The Line– Ok, I saw a post on Banff and had to look. We all know I love driving through Banff with my camera, especially since I live so close to it.

Blog Highlight

Trans-Americas Journey. In 2006 Karen (writer) and Eric (photographer) left their jobs in NYC to travel the Americas for the next 5 years. I loved their post “Third Time’s a Charm- Guanajuato, Mexico“. I’ve been more and more curious about Mexico and just now starting to do some research. Although my RTW trip will take place mostly in Asia I’d like to make Central America the next trip I take. Mexico is so full of history, gorgeous architecture and some seriously yummy food!

Stay tuned for more blogs next week as I continue to crawl through the we, looking for new content to read and share. If you have a blog you think I should check out, leave a comment!

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It’s another week and you guessed it, another Blog Crawl! As I’ve mentioned before, I love my blog crawls. I always find great new blogs and content. Blog Crawls work like this… I start on a blog and read a post or two, often “stumbling” the ones I like. Then I look for their links page, select  a new blog and do the same thing over again.  Generally I crawl through 8-12 blogs each week. When my crawl is over I post a list (like this one) and add the blog links to my “Travel Links” page, under the Blog Crawl heading.

So now that the boring little details have been laid out for you, allow me to share with you where my Blog Crawl took me this week. I started my crawl with Velvet Escape. I love this blog, if you have a little time to kill grab and beer, sit down and have a read.

  1. Velvet Escape–  I read his post “A Walk Down Oxford Road, Manchester” and instantly wanted to go there. Which is a surprise as after my last trip to London I vowed to leave the UK off my travel itinerary for a little while.
  2. Wild Junket– How did I not know about this blog before? Seriously! 10 Unique Transport Modes Around the World was a fun read. I’m rather curious about the Bamboo train in Cambodia…
  3. The Travel Tart– I love reading this blog, it’s full of humor and oddities. His post, Bizarre Travel Photo- Best Menu Picture is great. There is nothing like homemade menus with hand-drawn pictures. It’s the simplicity of travel that I love.
  4. Old World Wandering– Currently traveling in India, my post choice was “Hyderabad, slash Cyberabad”.
  5. Border Jumpers– Read their post “1000 Words about Johannesburg”.
  6. Twenty-Something Travel– She’s becoming a legend and rightly so.  I really love her Friday Postcard series. The photographs are always amazing.

Blog Crawl Monday is always the highlight of my week. Sometimes I crawl a little longer than others, but either way I discover new content and new blogs to follow.

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It’s Back! I apologize for the brief hiatus of Blog Crawl Monday. Two weeks seems like an eternity. However I’m back to having Monday’s off and seeing as I’m staying home more, well I have plenty of time to crawl. This week my crawl started with I Backpack Canada. I love Corbin’s blog, it’s a fantastic way to get to know Canada.  Be sure to stop by Corbin’s blog and check out “The Tunnels of Moose Jaw are filled with Half-Truths and Lies“.

This weeks Blog Crawl…

  1. I Backpack Canada
  2. Pommie Travels– Okay, I love the name of this blog. A long time ago a friends kids use to call me Pom Pommie, so seeing the name for this blog made me smile.
  3. The Professional Hobo– Yeah for fellow Canadians who sold everything to travel the world. I really enjoyed her post “Why Would I Want to Visit Canberra.” Actually, I think Canberra is now on my own list.
  4. My Several Worlds– Great blog! I love the series on learning Chinese with Peggy Lee.
  5. The Aussie Nomad– If you haven’t read Chris’ blog, you should.  It’s a great read, even though he’s on some Vegemite mission!  If you’re traveling soon, check out his post “Travel Packing List Part 1″ for ideas.
  6. Travels of Adam– Adam is another favourite. If you’re new to the Travel Blog scene, be sure to check out his posts on “A Travel Blogger’s Guide to Facebook Fan Page Welcomes” and “A Travel Blogger’s Guide to Using Stumble Upon“.  Personally, I like Wombat Wednesdays…
  7. Forks & Jets– It’s lunch time, I’m hungry. It’s only naturally that I’d click onto this blog. I love their post “5 Secrets of a Healthy Foodie on the Road.

And this is where my crawl hit a bump this week.  As I mentioned on Twitter this morning, I’m discovering that the link world is very small, with a lot of the same blogs repeating (Congrats to all of those who are EVERYWHERE, you’re doing it right!!). This can make it a tad challenging.  I’ve clicked on some blogs today, but couldn’t crawl through as I couldn’t find a links page.  Normally I back track until I can find a blog to click through, but I’ve found some great blogs that I don’t want to ignore.  So we’re deviating this week, just a little bit…

The World By Sea– Audio and Videocasting as he hitchhikes around the world by SEA! I love this. I really enjoyed his post “The Dangers of Israel“. Not to mention his Tokyo video made me laugh. Check out his blog.

Guy and Girl Travels– you had read post by him or by her. I enjoyed their post “Exploring Our Passion“.  In fact I STILL have to do my own Passion Board post as challenged by @GotPassport.

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This week I decided to start my Blog Crawl with Nomadic Chick, a fellow Canadian Travel Blogger who oddly enough has planned almost the same route as I have!  After perusing her site, I clicked on her Blogs-Travelers tab and let my blog crawl begin!  Here’s where my clicks took me this week!

  1. Uncornered Market – I clicked into their post “Ecuador, More Than Just The Galapagos: Photo Essays and Panorama”. I love reading/looking at photo essays, they’re a great source of inspiration.
  2. Gap Year Escape– I read their post “A Backpacker’s Guide to Hostel Sex”. It just made me laugh, and brought back a memory from when I worked at HI Niagara. Funny stuff!
  3. From Here to Uncertainty– a great blog on family travel, plus I’m jealous that they’re in one of my favourite cities- Edinburgh.
  4. Filipina on Flip Flops– Ok, I am obsessed with flip flops, so I already love this blog.
  5. Everything Everywhere– This is not my first time to this blog, in fact I’ve visited quite a few times.  I love his photography and it’s not secret that I’m addicted to “This Week In Travel”. My post choice? First Night in Bangkok.
  6. The Lost Girls– I love it when I crawl across fabulous blogs like this one! Check it out and see for yourself.
  7. Camels and Chocolate– I know, the name is fantastic.  I love the writing, and the photography is wonderful.  This is a blog I could get use to reading. (I think I need to add an extra 4 hrs to the day. I could do a 28hr day).
  8. The Window Seat– A great blog, I loved the list of most romantic hotels in North America, some definite surprises there.

Once again I’ve crawled and stumbled some great new blogs today, as well as visiting some favs.  Although there are always new blogs to discover, there are often 1 or 2 blogs that are mentioned on almost every list. Such as Everything Everywhere.  I’m fortunate to have most Monday’s off, which means I get to start my week doing something I love- travel.  For now, it’s blog crawling. When the weather warms up it’ll include some day trips as well.

If you have a blog you think I should check out, leave a comment and tell me about it.  I’m always on the look-out for new blogs to read and stumble.  Next Monday I’ll be starting on The Aussie Nomad‘s blog and crawling my way through the web from there.

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Blog Crawl Monday

It started with trying to figure out Stumble.  I’m still new and figuring out kinks etc.  This is how it works. I start on one of my favourite blogs, read some posts, stumble if I liked them, then click a blog from their links list (baring that they have one) and repeat the above steps.

Here’s where my Blog Crawl lead me this week.

  1. Candice Does the World– She’s Canadian, she’s funny, enough said!
  2. Lonely Girl Travels– She writes some seriously funny stuff.  Her Cuba tales were, interesting to say the least.
  3. Lives of Wander- I’m thrilled I’ve discovered this blog.  The writing is gripping. The first post I read, Onboard a Sinking Ship made me want to read more.
  4. Almost Fearless– I just LOVE the name of this blog.  My post read? How to Fly Around the World Absolutely Free. It’s an interesting review, I’m still in the contemplation stage.
  5. Kaleidoscopic Wandering– Although I’ve only traveled to Seattle a few times, I’m intrigued by this post: Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour.
  6. A Pair of Panties & Boxers – It’s an intriguing title for a blog, wouldn’t you say?
  7. Global Grasshopper – Read a post about Singapore, interesting options, way to expensive for my tastes though.
  8. Nomadic Notes Travel Blog– I saw this one listed on a few of the above blogs, so I clicked! Eat Your Way Around Penang has made me hungry!
  9. The TravMonkey– I loved their post “Top 10 Female Packing Tips”.
  10. The Longest Way Home–  Traveling for over 4 years and counting!

Whew!  All that surfing was tiring, but I found some great new blogs to follow and stumble.  A lot of blogs were linked repeatedly in the above blogs. Most of which I follow already, so I stayed with blogs I’ve never clicked on before (With the exception of my first 2 blogs, which I read regularly).

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